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COMPTRASEC is the host laboratory for three courses in the Master of Social Law.

Taken together, these courses are intended to give students a solid grounding in employment law. They therefore prepare them for similar professions, in both the private sector (company legal officer/advisor, lawyer specialising in employment law; legal advisor in an accountancy firm or insurance organisation, etc.) and the public sector (researcher, professor, labour inspector, position at the French national social security school (Ecole nationale supérieure de sécurité sociale), etc.). However, each course has its own particularities in terms of its content and teaching methods.  One of them, in Employment Law and Labour Relations (Droit de l’emploi et des relations sociales), is a sandwich course.

Master’s in the law of work relations in the company

Master’s in Comparative Employment Law

Master’s in employment law and labour relations

Master’s in Employment law issues and techniques

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Comptrasec is part of the Doctoral Law School N°41 at the University of Bordeaux.

In labour law and social protection, COMPTRASEC research-based training includes support by the team with the preparation, writing and defence of a thesis on employment law. The monitoring and support measures offered by the laboratory include the organisation (since 2012) of a week of doctoral workshops once a year (in September), during which each PhD student (whether funded or not) presents the progress made with their thesis to a committee made up of four members of the laboratory, including their thesis supervisor and the head of the laboratory. Once a year (in June) thesis monitoring committee meetings are also organised (since 2018).

Research-based training also includes taking part in other activities:

  • Participation in the employment law Doctoriales, a two-day gathering that brings together PhD students working on employment law from different French universities so that they can present their research work to the French and foreign colleagues attending the event,
  • Participation in scientific events organised by the research unit,
  • Co-moderation with a professor or researcher of the laboratory’s research seminar,
  • Contribution as an author to the “Actualités juridiques internationales” (International legal news) section of the Revue de droit comparé du travail et de la sécurité sociale
  • Attendance of the Goutelas residential PhD writing seminar (since 2018, 2 or 3 PhD students per year)
  • Periods abroad working with the laboratory’s partner teams
  • Participation in the laboratory’s different governance bodies (laboratory council, AGM, scientific councils)    

Theses Defended

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