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COMPTRASEC is the host laboratory for a Master’s in social law: the Master’s in “Labour law and social welfare protection” and the Master’s in “Corporate labour relations law”

The objective of this course is to provide students with the skills required to perform expert analyses in the fields concerned, and to prepare them for the competitions for civil service positions, qualify for the legal professions, or engage in research.

COMPTRASEC makes its contribution to the Master’s in Law through two specific activities:

  • The purpose of the first one is to connect students in international labour law (research track) via a study trip to the ILO, in cooperation with AFOIT.
  • The second is to offer students in the two tracks an opportunity to discover foreign judicial systems by participating in a European seminar held in one of the cities of one of the associated teams (University of Antwerp, University of Verona/Ferrara, University of Gerona, University of Belgrade, University of Bordeaux). These seminars are held in both English and French. It was held in Bordeaux in December 2012.

Masters in Labour Relations Law in Enterprise

Masters in Labour and Social protection Law

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Comptrasec is part of the Doctoral Law School N°41 at the University of Bordeaux.

In regard to labour law and social welfare protection law, the research-based training provided at COMPTRASEC includes support for the preparation, drafting and defence of theses in social law. Among the monitoring and support arrangements offered by the laboratory, doctoral workshops lasting a week are organized once a year, during which each PhD student (financed or not) will present a report on the progress of their thesis before a committee comprising four lab members, including the thesis supervisor and the laboratory director.

The research-based training also includes involvement in other activities:

  • Participation in doctoral studies in labour law, the objective of which is to bring together PhD students in social law from all French Universities for two days to allow them to present their research work before French or foreign colleagues gathered for the occasion,
  • Participation in scientific events organized by the joint research unit,
  • Joint coordination of the laboratory research seminar, together with a professor or researcher,
  • Drafting of research seminar briefs for publication in the laboratory Newsletter.
  • Participation as an author in the “International legal news” section of the Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Social Welfare Law

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