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Five-year scientific project 2022

The COMPTRASEC scientific project consists in capturing and analysing the forces, phenomena and dynamics that are currently at play in the social state defined as the legal-political framework which has, over the last century, created the conditions of a social citizenship that sits alongside political citizenship. This project is focused on two lines of research:

  • a “Work, employment and normative issues” line of research, which encompasses work on the future of salaried employment and transformations in labour law;
  • a “Social risks, solidarity and responsibilities” line research which aggregates work on the new challenges in social protection and the distribution of responsibilities in the face of the health and environmental risks linked to productive activities.

From a methodological point of view, international comparisons are and will remain at the heart of the Unit’s project.

In particular, this involves work in comparative law and comparative public policy, which requires dealing with international legal, social, demographic and economic sources and data.  The laboratory’s work and research projects are largely conducted from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Line of research “Work, employment and normative issue”

Although work remains a central value and social norm in our societies, there are questions we must address on the future of salaried employment and the protections linked to employment status.
This theme ties together a certain number of works and projects within the team, which aim not only to capture the new forms of employment that we are seeing today and which seem to want to escape from the classic framework, but also to call into question the latter’s ability to play its role in social integration.

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Line of research “Social risks, solidarity and responsibilities”

Social protection as we know it in, particularly in France, has been based on the identification of risks:

  • occupational (occupational accidents and illnesses) and social
  • but also needs that must be satisfied for different categories of population.
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