Lines of research

Universite de bordeaux

Line of research “Work, employment and normative issue”//

Although work remains a central value and social norm in our societies, there are questions we must address on the future of salaried employment and the protections linked to employment status.
This theme ties together a certain number of works and projects within the team, which aim not only to capture the new forms of employment that we are seeing today and which seem to want to escape from the classic framework, but also to call into question the latter’s ability to play its role in social integration.

This same line of research covers works and projects that are focusing on the ways in which legal regulation operates today as an attribute of the social state. Sources and actors operating in the field of professional relations are analysed as elements in the dynamics of employment law and the transformations it is undergoing. 

This line of research is structured around two main themes:

Salaried employment, business models and social change

  • Forms and practices of intermediation in employment.
  • Work and the digital society
  • Informal working, domestic work, vulnerable populations and the law

Changes in labour law

  • Reforms, paradigms and interpretations of labour law
  • Legal regulation in question