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Comptrasec is part of the Doctoral School of Business, Economics, and Society N°42 (economics, management, demography) at the University of Bordeaux.

The research-based training provided at COMPTRASEC includes support for the preparation, drafting and defence of theses in demography. Among the monitoring and support arrangements offered by the laboratory, doctoral workshops lasting a week are organized once a year, during which each PhD student (financed or not) will present a report on the progress of their thesis before a committee comprising four lab members, including the thesis supervisor and the laboratory director.

The research-based training also includes involvement in other activities:

  • Participation in the workshops of the national network of doctoral education in demography, which includes the INED and five French universities (Bordeaux, Paris 1, Paris V, Paris 10, Strasbourg), whose activities are now being integrated into the “Individuals, Populations and Societies” laboratory of excellence (iPOPS).
  • Participation in scientific events organized by the joint research unit,
  • Joint coordination of the laboratory research seminar, together with a professor or researcher
  • Participation in the laboratory’s different governance bodies (laboratory council, AGM, scientific councils)  

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