Universite de bordeaux

Master’s in employment law and labour relations//

Course manager:

François PETIT

Description of the course

Definition: The course covers what is sometimes known as “social law” and especially labour law, in its practical relations with companies, and especially human resources departments. The teaching (lectures and tutored workshops with a focus on team work) takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week except in the university vacations.

Course aims

This course includes teaching of employment law at a high level. The emphasis is placed on in-company practice. Students take part in workshops supervised by a professor.
The DERS Masters 3 course is taught and supervised by a strong team of employment law specialists, both academics and practitioners.
Career options:

  • Legal officer/advisor specialising in employment law
  • Legal officer/advisor specialising in HR
  • Labour relations manager

Course location:

University of Bordeaux