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Collective bargaining on professional equality in Aquitaine. For a strengthening of information and awareness-raising among stakeholders and employees//




European Social Fund

Project's holder:

Guillaume Santoro

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3,5 years – September 2017 to february 2021


The aim of the project for Professional Equality in Aquitaine (Egalité Professionnelle en Aquitaine, EPAq) is to promote collective bargaining on professional equality among stakeholders and employees in companies in Aquitaine. It is a continuation of research funded by the Aquitaine region analysing the legal texts on professional equality adopted by companies in the Aquitaine region between 2011 and 2015.

In the first phase of the project, surveys will be carried out to analyse and gain an understanding of the obstacles to collective bargaining on professional equality, and also to identify the relevant measures that have enabled action to be taken against existing gender inequalities. A survey will be carried out among trade unions and employers’ organisations to understand the direction of policies implemented by the leaders of these representative regional institutions on collective bargaining on professional equality. A second survey will be carried out on stakeholders in several enterprises in Aquitaine to understand their position on collective bargaining. In parallel with these two analyses, collective bargaining in relation to professional equality will be monitored in two enterprises to gain an understanding of the context, the process and the content.

The second phase of the project will consist in producing and disseminating informational material. The aim is to inform the different stakeholders, and especially those in small and medium enterprises, by giving them feedback on good practice in collective bargaining on professional equality. There will also be awareness-raising among employees through the various partners of the project (trade union organisation, association promoting gender equality, regional delegation for women’s rights and equality – DRDFE), the aim being to promote social dialogue as a driving force for tackling inequalities.