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Analysis and Visualization of Criminal Networks in Human Trafficking//




Mission Droit et Justice

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Bénédicte Lavaud-Legendre

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2 years - March 2017-March 2019


The AVRES project (Analysis and Visualization of Criminal Networks in Human Trafficking) addresses the analysis of criminal networks engaged in human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes.

The research is multidisciplinary, involving legal experts, computer scientists and sociologists. The approach is as follows:

– Extract all the actors appearing in a judicial proceeding (file transmitted by the court)

– Trace the links between these different actors

– Analyze the working of the network and the place of each of the actors.

This approach requires a tool to be created by the IT team (headed by Guy Mélançon, LABRI) to facilitate data entry, browsing through the data and, ultimately, descriptive analysis.

This statistical analysis will highlight the recurring and specific features identified in the working of such networks, and more specifically those of offender-victim relationships (under the responsibility of Cécile Plessard, sociologist under contract). On this basis, the specifics of the networks will be defined in terms of various criteria which may include the geographical origin of the individuals, the types of exploitation or the size of the organization, etc. In time, the objective is to elaborate a legal definition of the notion of exploitation.

The main objective of the AVRES contract is to develop the methodologies and techniques required to carry out this data-entry and analysis work within the framework of future projects.