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Gironde Observatory of Poverty Precarity//




Conseil général de Gironde

Project's holder:

Christophe Bergouignan (Professeur de démographie)


Since 2008


Poverty cannot just effect the marginal segment of society. It is an integral part of our society. It worries and concerns a good number of French people, under different characteristics, with more or less intensity. It reveals and highlights society’s problems such as unemployment, poor housing, homelessness, mal-nutrition… These known problems hit an already fragile population and the cumalitive effects can become horrendous for some people.

In an effort to understand as much detail of this problem as possible, the ‘Conseil Général’ of the Gironde associated with the state, has mandated the Gironde Observatory of Precarity and Poverty, to produce an annual report of their observations, hypotheses, and new knowledge likely to guide and/or help social policy development in the Gironde area. With this in mind, the ‘Conseil Général’ of the Gironde is working with the staff of COMPTRASEC to produce an annual report based on statistical and cartographic analysis and qualitative workshops.