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Analysing the impacts of legislative measures introduced to protect workers on digital labour platforms//


International Labour Organisation – ILO

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Labour law department – University of Sevilla


1,5 year - December 2021-July 2023


The project, ‘Enhancing labour standards and protection measures for platform workers’, aims to build the knowledge base on for policy makers and different stakeholders on the impacts of regulatory measures taken by governments to address some of the challenges related to platform work, bearing in mind the opportunities created by the platforms.

In this respect, the main objective of this study is to analyse the impact before and after the implementation of the regulatory measures in France on workers on digital labour platforms based on a survey of workers and also interviews with representatives of unions, worker associations, platform companies and government. The analysis will include the policy impacts on decent work, adequate social protection, employment opportunities, labour rights and sustainable enterprises.

The project also intends to explore the legal status of platform workers through a review of the various frameworks established for a platform economy.