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Occupational psychosocial risks//




Bordeaux Idex; “Future Investments”

Project's holder:

Loïc Lerouge, Patrick Brochard, Nicole Rascle

Associated team:

COMPTRASEC UMR CNRS 5114 University of Bordeaux - Bordeaux University Hospital - ISPED – Psychology, Health and Quality of Life at Work Lab EA 4139


September 2014-June 2016


“Psychosocial risks at work” (PSRs) are a strongly emerging topic within the scientific community. The current state of research indeed suggests a multitude of papers on the subject which have remained exclusively mono-disciplinary when different approaches can actually prove to be highly complementary.
This project originated as part of research by the Regional Observatory of Occupational Psychosocial Risks in Aquitaine (ORRPSA), one of whose missions was to achieve interdisciplinary collaboration in terms of PSRs. Today, the OPSR project aims to:
– Broaden the network of scientific (interdisciplinary and international) and professional collaborations;

– Further OPSR knowledge and experiment with participatory intervention processes, improve, transfer and share knowledge and practices (resulting from the experiments carried out) with scientific networks, public authorities and stakeholders;

– Broaden the scope of current research.
Each organised along two main lines (furthering PSR knowledge; accompanying PSR prevention policy), three major fields of investigation will serve as support to the development of these objectives:
1. A study of hospitals: whilst PSRs in a hospital environment have been the subject of much research, the very nature of psychosocial risks (work organisation, management, social context, type of work…) makes studying them in an institutional environment particularly difficult. However, the university hospital’s structure is evolving with potential impacts on work organisation. It is thus ripe for study and for the implementation of primary PSR prevention measures in a cost-saving environment.

2. A study of small businesses: SMEs and micro-enterprises, just like bigger businesses, are required to implement adequate preventive measures and to respond to collective occupational risks. However, small businesses have their own specifics which should be further explored to deal efficiently with the issue of preventing PSRs.

3. Development and interdisciplinarity: the objective of the OPSR project is also to be able to integrate complementary research across several fields in an attempt to consolidate PSR research in Bordeaux.