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Universite de bordeaux

Exploitation of minors in housing projects in the suburbs of major French cities//




Financed by a Foundation

Project's holder:

Bénédicte Lavaud-Legendre


3 years - June 2018 - December 2021


Over the past two years, French investigative services have noticed a new form of criminality in what are known as “sensitive” neighbourhoods near the major French cities. Young girls from these neighbourhoods appear to be working as prostitutes on behalf of their peers, who are generally a little older. These practices seem to function as a form of reconversion for young people who no longer find satisfactory opportunities in the high-risk, saturated drug trafficking market. Those organising this type of prostitution take care of the logistical aspects, advertising on the Internet, taking calls from customers, setting meeting times and reserving hotel rooms for the young prostitutes. The young girls are often moved from city to city to slow down investigations. Telephone numbers are changed just as quickly. The project will involve using a digital tool which was developed in an earlier project and which gathers all information recorded in a judicial file and allows the user to visualize and analyse all the very complex elements. In addition, training courses will be provided for those in contact with victims, with the goal of disseminating the information acquired in the project. The research will also be used to keep political decision-makers informed and aware of the issue.