English Electronic Edition

p. 6 Jean Michel Servais
International Labour Law and Settlement of Transnational Industrial Disputes Abstract

p. 16 Sylvaine Laulom
Reception by the French Court of Cassation of the Decisions of the Non-Judicial Bodies of the International Organisations Abstract

p. 26 Supriya Routh
Solidarity Networks & Trade Unionism: Informal workers fend for themselves in India Abstract

p. 38 Michel Miné
Intervention by International Non-Judicial Bodies: brief remarks on the situation of the Hellenic Republic Abstract

p. 50 Tania Bazzani
Unemployment benefits during the crisis: Denmark, Italy and Spain Abstract

p. 64 Leopoldo Gamarra Vílchez
Labor law and social security in Peru: Changes and challenges in the last two decades Abstract

p. 74 Errico Urbani, Dominic Roux and Marie-Josée Legault
Effects of Institutionalized Culture of Out-of-Court Settlement of Labour Disputes in Quebec on Access to Justice and Effectiveness of Labour Law  Abstract

p. 86 Masahiko Iwamura

Non-judicial authorities and dispute resolution: an outline of Japanese labour law Abstract

p. 98 Luisa Corazza
Non-judicial labour dispute resolution and the international recognition of the right to strike Abstract

p. 106 Mahammed Koriche
Preliminary Procedures for Submitting Cases to the Social Courts in Algeria Abstract

COMPARATIVE LABOUR CASE LAW – Coordonated by Allison Fiorentino
p. 116 Religious and racial discriminations Abstract
p. 128 The employee’s use of social networks: abusive freedom of expression and job loss Abstract

p. 156 Argentina – 1st & 2nd semesters
p. 160 Canada – 1st & 2nd semesters
p. 164 Control committees of the two International Covenants – 2nd semester
p. 166 Czech Republic – 1st semester
p. 168 Hungary – 1st & 2ndsemesters
p. 172 Italy – 2nd semester
p. 174 Lithuania – 1st semester
p. 176 Romania – 1st & 2nd semester
p. 180 Serbia – 1st & 2nd semesters
p. 184 South Africa – 2nd semester
p. 186 Spain – 1st & 2nd semesters
p. 190 United Kingdom – 1st & 2ndsemesters
p. 194 United States of America – 1st & 2ndsemesters

p. 202 Silvia Borelli and Eva Maria Hohnerlein Full text article