English Electronic Edition


p. 6 Costas Papadimitriou
The Greek labour law face to the crisis: a dangerous passage towards a new juridical nature. Abstract

p. 16 Pierre-Yves Verkindt
Contemporary French labour law in the economic and financial crisis. Abstract

p. 22 Leszek Mitrus
Economic crisis and labour law: Polish experience. Abstract

p. 30 Mathias Maul-Sartori, Ulrich Mückenberger & Katja Nebe
Financial crisis in Europe: impacts and repercussions on German labour law. Abstract

p. 42 Csilla Kollonay-Lehoczky
A “third way” in labour law? An overview of the new Hungarian lLabour Code.
Between extreme liberalism and reminiscences of the centralized planned economy. Abstract

p. 62 Catherine Barnard
The effect of the crisis on UK employment law: revolution or evolution?. Abstract

p. 73 book reviews

p. 78 Jeseong Park
Subcontracted work in Korean law: a double crisis of the concept and of reality. Abstract

p. 88 Pascale Lorber
Protecting fixed terms workers – using the Directive purposefully. Abstract

p. 96 Sergio Gamonal Contreras
Moral damages for employment contract termination under Chilean law. Abstract

p. 104 Miguel Rodríguez-Piñero y Bravo Ferrer
Spanish Reform of Collective Contracts (2011/2012). Abstract